Customer Success: Jack Deacon from Plural Video & Design using the VoxBox Pro

Customer Success: Jack Deacon from Plural Video & Design using the VoxBox Pro

PrimeLight Design caught up with Jack Deacon from Plural Video & Design from Ireland where the team are using the VoxBox Pro for down-the-lens interviews.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a freelance creative videographer based in Ireland, working with brands, non-profits and entertainment for over 8 years. I work on mainly brand story videos, and also some interviews with subject matter experts. Most productions involve just a small 1-2 person crew.

What have you been filming with the VoxBox Pro?
We made a series of films for spunout, Ireland’s youth information and support platform, about mental health. It involved capturing interviews with contributors - some talking about difficult or personal experiences.

How does using the VoxBox Pro differ from traditional off-camera interviews?
The VoxBox Pro without a doubt creates more engaging content and interviews. The interviewees quickly get used to the setup and are sometimes even interested in the workings of it. The down-the-lens perspective is the defacto perspective of social media, and helps my video content sit more natively within social media feeds, while also gaining better engagement and retention than traditional 3rd-person perspective interviews.

How easy was it to setup the VoxBox Pro?
Setup is easy and gets quick with practice. I have used it on both 15mm rails and a lighting stand, preferring the 15mm rail mounting.
I like the compact nature of the design, and the fact it's lightweight. The modular setup is also nice, and makes changing from two-way to a teleprompter setup easy. It's extremely useful that it has this dual function, and has come in handy switching between the two different setups fluidly on-set.
The fact that the glass can stay permanently within the frame while in the hard case is a nice feature, and makes setup that much quicker.

Jack’s down the lens interview kit list
Cameras: Sony FX3s and A7SIIIs
Lenses: Usually Sony G-Masters, 24-70, 70-200
Lighting: Aputure 600D with Lightdome 150 // Aputure 300x for backlight
VoxBox Pro MII kit

See the results of Jack's films here:

Thank you to Jack from Plural Video & Design for talking to us. Check out Plural Video & Desgn's instagram for more BTS photos  (@pluralvideo)
Learn more about the VoxBox Pro kit.

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