VoxBox Air

Perfect down-the-lens interviews anyrime, anywhere.

Every filmmaker knows the importance of good eye contact in a filmed interview. And every camera operator knows how difficult (and time-consuming) this can be to achieve. But the VoxBox Air by PrimeLight Design makes perfect down-the-lens interviews quick and easy.

You can set it up in two minutes with no tools or cumbersome adapters. Its two-way mirror system enables your subject to maintain natural, confident eye contact with both the interviewer and your audience. It enables perfect interviews in tight spaces with small crews and minimal equipment. 

Its foldable, ultra-lightweight design makes transportation easy, and you can be ready to shoot perfect down-the-lens interviews in just two minutes. If you rely on down-the-lens interviews for documentaries, video journalism or digital marketing, the VoxBox Air is the smartest investment you can make. 

Perfect eye contact in any location

The VoxBox Air uses a beamsplitter to ensure the subject speaks directly into the camera. The mirror system means they see the face of the interviewer in front of the lens. This helps the subject relax and ensures a natural conversation with the interviewer, while also engaging the audience with eye contact from the subject.

The adjustable side mirror gives the interviewer plenty of options as to where they position themselves, making the VoxBox Air ideal for tight spaces.

Ready to shoot in two minutes

The VoxBox Air slides out of its carry bag and pops up ready for you to slot in the beamsplitter glass. No tools, no adapters, no complex assembly.

Once set up, just attach to your existing 15mm bars, like you would a matte box. Easily attach the side mirror and move it to the correct position, and you’re ready to shoot. If your rig doesn’t have 15mm bars, use the supplied 16mm receiver to attach it to a standard light stand and position it in front of your camera. The whole process is far quicker than any other foldable focusing tool or interrotron setup. 

Cinematographers and DPs will welcome the addition of an inbuilt filter tray, allowing the use of standard 4x4 filters – an unprecedented feature for any mirror box or teleprompter is the integrated filter tray. 

Perfect Down The Lens Interviews

Unparalleled portability

With Primelight Design’s background as working camera operators, we know the ability to transport your kit easily is essential when doing multiple locations daily.

The VoxBox Air’s patent-pending foldable design takes up minimal space in the van. The Carbon fibre reinforced polymer frame gives it strength and resilience without adding too much weight to the camera rig.

Weighing in at just 3.9kg including the bag, transportation is effortless. You can take it on flights as hand luggage if necessary. 

Becomes a teleprompter in seconds

The VoxBox Air doubles as a teleprompter, giving you great flexibility in your productions. 

The supplied tablet holder clips into place on top of the box, and can clamp any device up to 188mm for effortless teleprompting. 

You can also use video calling functions on your tablet to conduct remote face-to-face interviews with perfect eye contact. 

VoxBox Air

Perfect down-the-lens interviews

Should I use a VoxBox Air or VoxBox Pro?

The answer to this question depends on your priorities. Both function in exactly the same way, giving the same effortless eye contact during down-the-lens interviews. Both can be set up and attached to your rig in a couple of minutes.

The key difference is that the VoxBox Air folds down and does not come in a hard case. It’s designed for complete portability and ease, so if you’re regularly on the move and don’t have much space in your van, it’s ideal.

The VoxBox Pro is heavier and comes with a hard case. You never have to handle the beamsplitter as it’s stored fully assembled, so there is an extra layer of protection. If you’re worried about your crew being careless with the equipment, or you often take your equipment on flights where you’re worried about it getting damaged in the baggage hold, you might prefer the security of the VoxBox Pro. 

Also, if you hire out your equipment, you may feel more comfortable with the VoxBoxPro, as your customers won’t need to handle the glass and it has the hard case as standard. 

Two unique models

We offer VoxBox Pro and VoxBox Air to suit your individual needs.

VoxBox Pro MKII Kit
VoxBox Pro MKII Kit Sale price£1,499.00
VoxBox Air
VoxBox Air Sale price£1,295.00
VoxBox Pro MKII Kit
VoxBox Pro MKII Kit Sale price£1,499.00
VoxBox Air
VoxBox Air Sale price£1,295.00
At a glance

Main unit built from aluminium with IP67 tough case for transportation. Ideal for demanding filmmakers needing for a robust kit.

Carbon fibre reinforced polymer construction; foldable but deployed in seconds. Ideal for the travelling filmmaker where space is a premium.

Transport case dimensions

W555 x H306 x D428mm (21.8 x 12 x 16.8 inch)


Main mirror box dimensions

W254 x H205 x D205mm (10 x 8 x 8 inch)


Mount options

15mm bars or 3/8th inch thread (light stand adaptor included)

15mm bars or 3/8th inch thread (light stand adaptor included)

Total package weight

 8.8kg (19.4 lbs)


VoxBox Air FAQs


Ben Baldwin

Founder and Producer, Chuffed Productions, London, UK

We use the VoxBox Pro on shoots in the UK, Europe and most recently, Mexico. We feel confident sending it as checked baggage as the superb case protects the kit perfectly during transit, ensuring there are no nasty surprises at our destination! What we really like about VoxBox Pro is its versatility. We use it for both down-the-lens interviews and as a Teleprompter, it's quick and easy to rig with our DSLR kits, either using the rail mount or simply on a lighting stand in front of the lens.

Jonah M. Kessel

The New York Times

We really love the VoxBox Pro and have been evangelizing it to all of our colleagues in the digital video space. So much of our video journalism has turned direct-to-camera and we find this infinitely easier to use than the EyeDirect. It has been used extensively and has clocked some miles across the US traveling.

Robin Probyn

Lighting Cameraman / DOP, Tokyo, Japan

I have used the VoxBox Pro on various corporate shoots. It's easy and quick to set up - I usually just put it on a lighting stand. It's solidly made and looks very professional - the director/client can plainly see what they're getting for the rental fee... it's not just a cardboard box.

I used it on one corporate shoot and the director was so impressed, the cameraman shooting the next segment in another country, was told to buy one too! And as an added bonus it can be a teleprompter too.