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VoxBox Pro FAQs

The new MKII version has been redesigned and built using lightweight aluminium throughout. Now you can use wider lenses (approx 24mm on a Super 35mm sensor; approx 35mm on a full-frame sensor). The glass mounting, height adjustment and tilting side mirror have been redesigned for improved performance.

Standard 15mm rails are recommended for optimal use, which you should already have if you have a matte box. Your rails should not extend beyond the front of the lens. You will also need a medium/heavy duty tripod to support the front weight of the main box unit.

The VoxBox Pro main unit is about 1.9kg (without tablet adaptor or side mirror).

The side mirror can be titled for interviewer comfort. If you are not using the side mirror, simply set the height of the camera to match the eye-level of the interviewer (as you would a standard off-camera interview) and frame the subject. In extreme height differences, the main box can be angled by adjusting the rail block mount.

The rail block on the main unit can be repositioned to ensure the lens is centred through the hole. There is about 50mm adjustment possible.

The VoxBox Pro comes with a 16mm receiver adaptor. This screws onto the base of the VoxBox Pro which allows you to attach it to a standard lighting stand. The unit can then be positioned in front of the camera lens.

You will lose less than 1 stop of light through the glass. This is not a problem for most cameras. The glass ‘warms up’ the image slightly, which can be corrected in post-production if necessary.

On a Super 35 size sensor (F55, F5, FS7, C300 etc), the widest focal length is approximately 24mm before the edges of the VoxBox Pro are visible. On full-frame sensors, around 35mm is the widest. You can easily frame two subjects in the same shot.

The opening at the back of the VoxBox Pro (where the lens is positioned) is 140mm. Doughnuts are supplied to fit on various lenses.

Dimensions of main box, without mounts (WxHxD): 254 x 205 x 205mm

The glass is secure when inserted into the VoxBox Pro and can be packed away fully assembled if required.

Make sure all dust and grit is brushed or washed from the glass. Do not rub it when dry. When clear of dust and grit, the surfaces may be cleaned using any soft cotton based cloth. Man-made fibres will eventually damage the surface. Dabbing the surface with a damp soapy cloth to remove dust and grit is safe. The glass can then be polished. Non-greasy window cleaning products used in conjunction with a cotton cloth should be safe, once all grit has been removed

The included adjustable tablet holder will accept any device. Maximum device size: 188mm (measured between the two clamps).

There are many free and paid-for Teleprompter software applications available. We recommend applications with the following features:

1. Flip mirrored text horizontally

2. Text justification (recommended if using a tablet larger than the two-way mirror) (The latter is more important if your tablet is over 7”)

We recommend ‘Nano Teleprompter’ (Android) or ‘PromptSmart Pro’ (Android/iOS).

The unit is a solid metal box which doesn’t fold. It’s designed for fast setup and to be sturdy. It can be packed with minimal protection in a suitcase for flight.