Customer Success: Ashley Stokes from WEDU PBS using the VoxBox Pro

Customer Success: Ashley Stokes from WEDU PBS using the VoxBox Pro

PrimeLight Design caught up with Ashley Stokes from WEDU PBS in Tampa, Florida where the team are using the VoxBox Pro for down-the-lens interviews.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I am a documentary filmmaker working in the roles of director, producer, cinematographer, and editor. I have been working in the industry for about seven years and am currently working in Tampa Bay at WEDU, the local PBS station.

What's the project you're filming at the moment?
My colleagues and I have mainly been using the VoxBox Pro during interviews for our digital/broadcast series called Greater Sarasota. They are short-form doc style episodes focusing on artists in Sarasota, Florida.

When shooting interviews, which camera, lenses and lights do you use?
I typically use two C300MKIII cameras with a 35mm for my A Cam and an 85mm for my B Cam. For lighting, as my key I use a 600 aputure light setup as a book light going through a 4x4 1/2 grid diffusion, a bounce card for fill, quasars for a hair light, and 300 aputures for backlight.

What is your experience with the setup of the VoxBox Pro?
It is a much easier setup than what we were using before. We have tried both on the 15mm rails and the lighting stand. I prefer to have it on the rails.
I like how easy and efficient it is to setup. Before I was using two cameras, three monitors, and a ton of cables to have an interrotron setup. The VoxBox Pro makes my setup time significantly shorter.
How do contributors react to it?
Most people are a little shocked by efficiency and a lot of people have been delighted that they don't have to stare down the empty void of the camera.

  • Thank you to Ashley Stokes from WEDU for talking to us. 
  • Learn more about the VoxBox Pro kit.
  • See the results of Ashley's films here:

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